Additional Services

Effective use of technology will save vast amounts of time.

Whether you are a busy executive, just started your own business, need IT software support or feel your IT skills need to be brought up to date, we can help by offering the following:

Executive Club

Many busy executives do not have enough time to attend a standard course. They often have bespoke needs of their own. Based on this, we offer senior management training to help you with topics you find difficult. These sessions will be discretely held at a time and venue to suit you.


It is often a daunting prospect setting up a new company. Many new business owners feel vulnerable due to their lack of IT knowledge. We can offer bespoke programmes to give you the knowledge necessary in a range of Microsoft packages to ensure all elements of your communication with clients is consistent and fit for purpose.

Virtual Assistant

Excel skills, help with book-keeping spreadsheets, accounts, building PowerPoint presentations. Proof reading of documents/reports.

Bespoke IT training for schools

As part of the IT curriculum, learners are encouraged to regard computers as tools to be used in all aspects of their studies. In particular, they need to make use of the new multimedia technologies to communicate ideas, describe projects, and order information in their work. This requires them to select the medium best suited to conveying their message, to structure information and to link together information to produce a multi-dimensional document.

It is often difficult for teachers to stay up to date with the use of Microsoft application packages.  Effective use of technology will save vast amount of time. Could you benefit by learning how to work effectively with your emails, build efficient spreadsheets, use word-processing as a basic tool and build catchy presentations?  Our courses are designed to increase productivity by sharing tools and ways of working that enable staff be more efficient and make best use of their time and energy.